Monday, January 03, 2011

just do it!

happy, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.
I AM a happy person. I am so grateful
for my life. I have a wonderful family, dear friends
and the gift of time to pursue creative projects
in my sweet studio.
But, sometimes I find myself wishing too much.
There are aspects of my life that could be better,
things that are within my grasp. I commit myself
to less wishing and more doing in 2011 and beyond.
I will never give up dreaming, but I want to give my dreams
wings and a voice.
I vow to dream with purpose
and use my dreams as inspiration for every day life. 
I will dream with faith, trust and eyes wide open
that I might see the path before me. I love this journey, 
even when it takes me far from where I planned to go. 
I wish you a joyful journey this year!


Tiedupmemories said...

Perfect! Well said! I love that sweet banner! Most important..Be Happy!

Lorelie Kay Designs said...

Your happiness shows in your art! Thank you for bringing that art and happiness to me!

Sue H @ Astrachic Studio said...

Hi Dale,
Lovely thoughts on your blog today.
Many thanks for your wonderful
inspirational graphics today.
I love them! They are the start
of something wonderful.
Best Wishes, Sue

Roxie said...

Happy New Year Dale!!! Loved this post, very uplifting!!


Leah C said...

Live your dreams!

World Poems said...

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Cheryl said...

Well put. What you wrote was very profound.. you should put it on your side bar so it will always be visible :-)


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