Sunday, July 18, 2010


It is good to be home after a few lovely days on the Gulf.
Despite news reports to the contrary, Galveston seemed to be oil free.
We were blessed with glorious weather, though the water was rough.
There were red flags flying to warn of a strong riptide.
There are still plenty of reminders of Hurricane Ike,
but Galveston is a scrappy town and it has made a vigorous comeback.
Still, it is sad to think of the landmarks destroyed
and mostly, of course, the lives lost...
My son and I had a marvelous time with our friends.
It was so good to be by the sea again.
It is where I belong...


Alison said...

Hi Dale great to see you had a fun time while away
Goes to show you can't necessarily believe what you see or hear on the news reports in regard to the oil spin

Alison said...

Hmmm...typo, I really meant oil SPILL not spin!!LOL

mendytexas said...

We were just there and it was oil free too...grew up near Texas Beaches...still love 'em! :) Mendy

Leah C said...

Welcome back! I always find it so hard to leave the seashore:)


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