Thursday, July 08, 2010

ah, summer...

I am so loving these hot, lazy days of summer. This is my season, my most cherished
time of the year. I am enchanted by the music of lawnmowers and cicadas, the glint and
gleam of fireflies, the beautifully quiet mornings and the brilliant late sunsets.
I have made an uneasy peace with the other seasons,
but it summer that I adore.

In these midsummer days I am not pushing myself. Yes, I am creating
when the spirit moves me, but only then. I need this restful time.
That being said, I am enjoying working on some jewelry pieces.
I am loving combining textures and colors in new way.
I love the feel of glass beads, the character inherent in snippets
of vintage lace.

I am enjoying some fabulous summer reading. I have a wonderfully
tall stack of books at my bedside. It always makes me feel joyful to think
of all the adventures waiting for me between the covers of those books.

I hope your summer days are also filled with the small joys exclusive to this most lovely season!


Ineke van den Akker said...

Wonderful pictures!

Leah C said...

It's my favorite time of year, too...wish I had summertime all year long!!

Anonymous said...

yes July is my month! it's hot, sweet and I was born in it! heheee.....

lazy hazy dazy days of summer are the best!!!!!

this post is so very pretty...thanks for sharing!


summer bliss!

ciao bella
creative carmelina


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