Friday, February 12, 2010

wake me up!

snow!, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Certainly this vision of white madness is a dream! I live in the Dallas suburbs... um, that would be in TEXAS... think drought, cactus, sunshine, HOT! What is this fresh hell that has befallen us????
Actually, it is SNOW! Record-breaking snowfall... nearly ten inches! How do you Yankees bear this all the time? It is cold, wet and cold.
But, so very magical and pretty and quiet. My daughter and I went to the old cemetery yesterday and took some photos. I'm fairly certain we walked over some folks, but it was not on purpose. The snow was already quite deep. It was beautiful there... and yes, quiet!
My palm trees are frowning at me and my parrot... he's in a mood!
My school-aged sons are in an altogether different sort of mood. Jubilant, I believe, is the word!
And we inch one day closer to spring.


Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Yes, spring really will get here, we just have to wait a little while more ... but I do love your snow pics! Can't believe you all had 10 inches, though - I'm in Illinois and we probably only had four or five last week. Crazy weather! Hope you're gearing up for an awesome Valentine's Day! Happy weekend!

Jamie said...

We are covered here in Rockwall too:) The boys think it is awesome. It is beautiful, but I am with you. I am glad this is not a regular happening here in Texas! Stay warm!!! Love, Jamie

Leah C said...

Snow in the South...that's just not right!

Signs and Salvage said...

OH SO BEAUTIFUL...for like ONE DAY!!! Until you have to go to the grocery store a couple of times:) It has been STRANGE weather this year!! Have a Happy Valenine's Day!!


Percy Bisque Silley said...

O Lady, I Should Shelter Thee

O Lady, were’t I a Tree then I should Shelter thee, asking thy children to go run off and play. And if ye should have a Husband or Significant Other then I think perchance that upon the Meandering Tremor of a Breeze I should drop all mine goodly Store of Acorns or Chestnuts upon his inopportune Head.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Ha ! Now you know why Jack Nicholson lost his mind in "The Shining" and typed "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" after like 10 snow storms your really ready to lose your mind : )

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Dale!
I've been meaning to stop here for quite some time now as Sarah (The Gypsy Mermaid) has mentioned lots of wonderful things about you.
Thank you for finding me first and becoming my newest follower. I appreciate it. Hopefully we can stay in touch more often!!!!
I hope your palm trees survived the snow...mine didn't.
(pout pout)
Beautiful photos~
everything vintage


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