Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mojo hobnobs with Marie

Mojo hobnobs with Marie, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

My parrot, Mojo, is a time traveler. Here he is with his beloved Marie Antoinette. This lovely painting hangs in Versailles, where Mojo often visted to the delight of the young Queen.

Yes, I love my bird. He is a constant source of amusement! You'd love him, too... I promise! He is pretty irresistible!

We are having a spate of incredibly beautiful weather here in north Texas. It is quite inspiring. Mostly it inspires me to lay around by the pool... ;)


icandy... said...

Lovin' Mojo... he just looks all fancied and cute with Marie!!!!

Leah C said...

Our days by the pool went by too fast...chilly summer around here!

nia said...

Mojo and you are great! How beautiful your creative world. Thanks Dale, have a nice day, love :)

gasparino6 said...

Oh my - Thats hilarious ! Go Mojo !!! : )

vivian said...

love your little parrot friend! and you art work! Enjoy that pool weather!

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

WHAT A SCREAM!!! i love this! Oh, dale, you're killin' me!


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