Friday, February 10, 2006

winter storm watch

Winter, that sly bitch, is indeed planning a visit to north Texas. That predictable slut and her trashy entourage are due in this weekend. I say, "Come on, you blustery whore! Get it over with! We've saved February for you." I honestly wouldn't mind a Dr. Zhivago winter... featuring the young Omar Sharif writing poems with frozen fingers, iced chandeliers, a lush soundtrack. I'd leave the kid with a sitter though. But that's just me. So, the show-off trees that started budding and all the folks who wear shorts in the winter are about to get a frigid ass-kicking. And that is today's weather report.
In other news... Judy might eliminate Mark... blah, blah, blah. I might be persuaded to help or at least create a disturbance to distract possible witnesses. Stay tuned...
Katherine and I have to get our shit together for the banquet which is tomorrow night. Just details... I look forward to hearing more chapters of the Vegas adventure. What a madcap kid! Hilarity nips at her heels. She should do stand-up, I shit you not.
So, today we are off to gather supplies, etc. I will be delighted to put this project to bed. It always seems like a bit of battle.
Let's see... what else? Oh, yeah, I've been wondering about God and mankind and why I'm so screwed up or maybe I'm not, just a little out of sync and would I want to be different because I feel so damn blessed to look at the world through this weird lens that fills me with such hope and wonder... or somesuch bullshit. Just another day with my silly old heart unfurled.

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