Tuesday, February 21, 2006

mini book chat~or see you at the Horn of Zeese

The Horn of Zeese... I shit you not!
Little tiny books... how cute, but not our topic for today. Just wanted to make a quick mention of Prep ~Curtis Sittenfeld~ which I finished a while back. I think this book is nearly brilliant. Slipped into this coming-of-age-tale are some moments of jarring, resounding insight. Sittenfeld deftly captures the feeling of apartness that her main character cannot escape. Honestly I can't even recall the ending, but there are paragraphs from this surprising book that will be with me for a long, long time. ~a single glistening bubble for this fine work... on the standard scale it would get a 5, but the solitary bubble drifting towards the clouds is more apropos IMHO.
I finished Anne Lamott's Blue Shoe which was a big ole dud. I know Lamott is a recovering alcoholic, Christian, etc, but her rather random Jesusy-ness was just plain weird to me. The book gulped up huge chunks of time in a paragraph and then went on the describe the seasons in great detail... mostly autumn, which the author seems to have a fascination with, but events like Christmas (in a home with two young children) were barely mentioned. The big romance of the main character seemed cool and exhausting. No fire, no fun... ugh. And the title... that little blue shoe drove me nuts. Someone always has it shoved in a pocket and I'm thinking it's a baby shoe. Only near the end do we find out that it is a crackerjack toy. Shit! I was always wondering how the hell this 3 inch shoe fit where it did. Someone should have fixedthat in the eding process. So, can you tell I wasn't fond of this ramble? 1 small bubble for some rare passages that unfortunately served to make the rest of the book seem even more disjointed (much like this review minus the good stuff... sigh).
Currently I'm reading Boonville by Robert Mailer Anderson. Oh my! I like this book! It has it's own dialect. I'm about 45 pages in and it is proving to be a real treat. Anderson is clever, irreverent and funny as hell. And Boonville... my God! I think this might be a real place and that scares the crap out of me! More later... but I'm thinking this might be a tub-filler!

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