Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm in a confessional mood. Here it is~ I like to watch people play poker on TV. I also drink way too much coffee. I think I'm cool because my car has a moon roof. Sometimes I read my horoscope. I'll drink anything in the right circumstances. Earrings make me happy. I still sort of believe that a neglected splinter can sprout a into tree. I say that because I have one right now and I'm little worried.
Enough already!
Today is the last day of January. I could weep with joy. To commemorate this happy day I plan to wear sparkling shoes and listen to loud music... or music loudly... haven't decided yet.
The willow trees are getting that fuzzy, greenish look~ too early, but maybe not. Maybe February will be as mild as the rest of our "winter". Dare I dream?
My work schedule is now kinda', sorta' permanently (for the time being), tentatively set. Thursdays and Fridays. God! Can I manage 2 days in a row??? The courthouse is nearing completion. It looks fantastic! The last I heard was March for the grand re-opening.
I have a PILE of special order pendants to make. The $45 ones! I must cease this rambling and get busy.
Be well gentle readers...

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