Friday, January 27, 2006

I speak.

Oh, joy! A return to bloggery! The world can lift its tearstained face and jubilate! I'm back!
So, I have recovered from the plague and am a functioning human being once more. Goody!
On the downside (as if I'd ever look in that direction) it is still January. Winter had been so mild here everyone expects Feb. to be a month-long blizzard. The early trees are budding. What a temptaion for jack frost. Things are grey and brown and while I have a lovely bracelet in those shades, it is not my favorite palette. Isn't it fascinating to hear me chat about the weather???
Now, on to earrings... nah! Just teasing! No new, cheap jewelry to gloat over.
I'm trying to write, but suffer from interruptions... translation: excuses. I need to crack the whip on myself, but it proves a bit awkward and then if I do it well, I find I like it. That was a joke... I swear it!!!
Oh, look! Clouds! What a perfect garnish for the day! How do people live in Ohio where there are something like 300 overcast days a year?
I think I'll go polish something.

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