Monday, August 06, 2012

Do what you need to do♥

I painted yesterday. Nothing amazing, just a small seascape,
but I haven't painted in years. It was a joyful experience!

See, here's the thing~ I have 4 kids, big kids now...
27 (married), 23 (out on her own), 19 (in the US Navy)
and only my baby, 16, remains at home.
Home has been sort of empty. There are ghostly echoes
of laughter and spats, kids romping down the stairs like 
wild ponies. The dinner table broke my heart on a daily basis~
6 chairs with only 2 or 3 filled most days now. I did get smart
and move 2 chairs out. It did my soul good to remove those 
empty chairs. 

Look, I'm grateful and blessed beyond any worldly measure.
My kids are doing well. Healthy birds do indeed leave the nest.
But it has been a rough year in spite of my certainty that things
are as they should be. My 2 oldest fledglings are close by. 
My Navy son is in South Carolina for now. I have seen him once
since Christmas. I miss him so much every day. 
My youngest son, still at home, is the quiet type.
So here is this house, settling down and feeling a bit bereft.
   The upstairs with the neglected gameroom, 2 empty bedrooms...
ghostly, I tell you! 

On Friday I decided to move my studio space from our unused dining room
into my daughter's large, sunny upstairs room. I'd been kicking 
the idea around for a while, but suddenly it was the right time.
And now, I am settled in, perched in this pretty space that has a 
treehouse feel about it. Outside the large window a pistachio tree
nearly brushes the panes. I can see into it's branches 
and I feel so lofty up here!! Morning light spills across
a lace covered table. It is a peaceful room, but bright 
with possibilities! 

So yesterday I painted! I have not painted anything in years. 
In this room I have an area to make jewelry and also
a place to paint and do other projects. I even have space
for my treasured vintage books! 
I needed to do this, to move forward and fill this house
again with sunshine and joy. 
This is my life and it demands I live it well.
For me, this means being grateful and being creative.
It is the way my soul sings.



Peggy said...

Love reading this... Your description of the treehouse room made me feel like I was sitting in there having a glass of tea with
Good for you Dale. If we are not moving forward then we are not Living life to the fullest 😵❤

son and sea said...

Love you, girl! Thank you!♥


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