Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Navy is breathing down my neck...

So, now we are down to 11 days until our son ships out... 
which is actually 10 days because he has to be at the recruiting
office at 3:00 the day before, then on to a hotel for the night.
We can take him out for dinner that night as long as we stay 
very close by (preferably in the hotel) and have him in 
his room by 10:00pm.We will go to MEPS  the next
day to see him do the final swearing-in 
(the "no turning back, you're in the Navy now" one) 
and  then say good-bye. Some parents go to the airport and
 hang out, but unless our son requests this, I think I'll pass. 
I can only take so many farewells.
Things seem surreal. It is hard for me to imagine him gone,
despite the 10 months we have known this date.
I am very excited, proud and grateful for this opportunity
for my son, but it is bittersweet. 
I don't even know what to do these last days.
He seems quiet and a bit withdrawn. I know this 
is not unusual and is part of the separation process.
I have the business of organizing an "Anchors Aweigh"
 party to distract me. Then come the good-byes 
and the long wait for communication from boot camp.

What a ride this has been...
and it has barely begun! 



Teena in Toronto said...

What an adventure!

Happy blogoversary :)

susan said...

My daughter joined the Navy, many years ago now - but I remember so well all the mixed emotions when she was whisked away to the hotel the day before swearing in - how I just wanted to rescue her and keep her safe at home with us.
I'm sure you are very proud of your son, and happy for him and the adventures that lie ahead - but at the same time you must have feelings of sadness and worry. It's so hard to be a parent and let go. I wish you strength and love - and safe travels to your son.



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