Wednesday, March 09, 2011

out of hibernation!

Hello birds and blooms and tender green.
Spring is teasing north Texas. The early trees are blooming, but it is chilly today.
My creativity is fed by the longer days, the pale flowers and the promise of warmth.

I think I have become a jewelry maker. This is what I am drawn to the very most
these days. I am loving incorporating old and new, fibers and lace, wee collages
under glass and painted elements. My worktable is a collage itself... there are holy
cards, vintage beads, feathers, shells, fabric, jewels and on and on.

I am working on digital projects, as always. I am even scrapbooking a bit~ working
on a graduation book for my son and starting his US Navy scrapbook. Some of it is digital
and some traditional scrapbooking. It feels good to return to this after a long hiatus.

Hope spring is near for you also. ♥



Anonymous said...

Beautiful - and even here is cold Michigan I am feeling the touches of spring - birds where chirping this am.

Leah C said...

Yes, I feel spring is just around the corner...coming out of hibernation myself:)


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