Monday, February 14, 2011

coming soon!

We had snow last Wednesday and bitter cold, but I am elated to say
that it is going to be in the 70sthis week in the Dallas suburbs!!!! JOY!!!
I feel spring waiting in the wings, preparing her beautiful
floral costume! I also feel my spirits lifting! Lest I start feeling too
triumphant for surviving winter,I remind myself...
we have a few more weeks of potentially wintery weather, but for today~
I am so grateful for the sun and the little harbingers of spring in the air!
My creativity benefits from this change of seasons! I have been
 making some pretty new pendants and bracelets for my shop.
I need to complete a few more before I list them, but you can see 
some of my jewelry here...
I hope spring is on the horizon for you, also!♥



Leah C said...

Have a happy heart...spring is on its way...soon:)

Charlene said...

I live in the area too & I have sooooooooooo enjoyed the warmer weather! hope it's over! But, I'm not to excited about the HOT being on the way. Charlene

Donna said...

Much warmer now, I've even been digging in the dirt. I"m sure you like to dig in the sand though!


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