Monday, December 06, 2010

shades of winter

It is a marvelous feeling to realize I have no more shows this year. While I love creating, love staging my creations at shows and adore meeting shoppers and fellow artists/craftspeople, truth is these shows are exhausting! So, I am basking in the lovely post-show glow and contemplating surviving Christmas and winter.
As you can see I am in a frosty, wintry sort of mood.
I am fond of this color palette, the blanched sky and bare branch.
I created my new blog banner in these muted, solemn shades.
My latest creations also feature these hues.
But I will soon return to the sweet pastels and bright colors that I adore.

Stay warm, my friends. Spring is sleeping now,
planning her sweet and vibrant return. ♥

1 comment:

Leah C said...

Love the new banner!!


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