Saturday, May 29, 2010

hello weekend!

Even those of us who don't have "real" jobs love weekends! After an insanely busy week I am ready for some downtime. My sis and I are thinking we might make a visit to the bird store.
I LOVE seeing all of the gorgeous birds! If Mojo (my Quaker parrot) was a bit less nippy we could take him. Alas, he is a tad naughty, so he must stay at home.
The weather is wonderful... hot, but I prefer hot to cold. I LOVE summer and yes, know it is still spring, but it sure feels like summer in Texas right now.
Hope you have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

We have some beautiful birds in our yard, my husband and I put out lots of bird seed on a daily basis and then shoo the birds away, also on a daily basis! Have a fantastic weekend!

Leah C said...

I'm lovin' the warm waether, too! Happy Weekend to you:)


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