Sunday, March 07, 2010

Oh, where have I been?? Lost in the world of art and everyday life.
I finally decided on and completed the prototype for my Paper Cowgirl
class. I was in a creative cramp or something!! I am so excited to be
teaching at this fabulous art retreat for the 3rd year!
We will miss our dear, sweet Tina, but she will be our cowgirl angel.

If you are interested in signing up for Paper Cowgirl, please visit here
starting tomorrow. There are so many talented teachers this year. You're
sure to find a class or two that suits you.

And here's a peek at my project... Queen of the Sea~~~~

Yes, being the Queen of France was wonderful, but what Marie Antoinette
really longed to be was King Neptune's consort. The magical realm of the sea
spoke to her soul. Now you can grant Marie's wish by creating this enchanting shadowbox where Marie reigns as the Mermaid Empress of the Deep.
This 10" x 8" assemblage is displayed under glass and is lush with glittery shells, pearls
and sea flora and fauna. Participants will learn a flower-making technique
that can be applied to other projects.

Joining me are these fabulous gals~~~
Chantel Johnson - Inspirational Tag Book
Joanna Lewis - Feathered Friend Collage
Jennifer Stewat - 4th of July Banner
Deb Taylor - Covered Journal
Jennifer Babcock - Altered Bird Trinket Box
MendyMitrani - Digi Class
Ann-Denise Anderson Victorian Boots
Angela Berger - Shabby Classy Necklace
Laverne - "pocket" book
Cindy Gilstrap - La Petite Boutique Altered Canvas
Corrine Clark - French Paper Shoe
Sandra Feazel - Beeswax/Painted Canvas
Lisa - Mixed Media Tags


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Woohoo !!! I cannot wait until Paper Cowgirl ~
Beautiful project !!

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

dale, yikes!! i definately want your class - i did not apply to teach this year. taking it easy...
i go into the hospital for surgery tomorrow so won't be able to sign up for any classes - i don't know what to do........i for sure want yours and ann-denise's class.

in a quandry,

debsea said...

in my next life, i am not going to live on an island in alaska. i am going to live in the real world, on the mainland, where i can get into a car and drive to places and take classes to learn from wonderful talented artists like you...
i am also going to be taller.

Julie said...

Gorgeous! I need to learn more about Paper Cowgirl, I guess! Sounds like fun!

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Dale, As always..beautiful work! See you soon!
xoxo, Ann-Denise

Jennifer Stewart said...

Beautiful project, Dale! Looking forward to meeting you. :)


My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh I wish I could go ! Love the sample !!!

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Dale your projects are always so dreamy!!! This one is lovely too! Can not wait to see it in person at PC!! Looking forward to teaching at this one too!

mendytexas said...

So fun Dale!! I can't wait to be with you again at PC! :)mendy

Percy Bisque Silley said...

“♥ :)♥!!!” said...

Hi Dale,
I love your project, really beautiful! I can't wait to meet you at the event. Lisa
PS You forgot me on your list, I'm doing mixed media tags.

Percy Bisque Silley said...

I shall be at the Event, albeit wearing a Disguise.

Know me as the one who approaches thee with bow Gallant and Fancy Speech, saying...

"'Lady Dale' to me hath loverly and lilting sound compared to which the names of other Ladies only wane and pale and don't resound."


Your Knight,
Sir Percival


Susie Scott said...

Simply Awesome Work! Oh, I long for the sea......

Cindy (Junque Art) said...

Love your class!!! Can't wait to see you June!!!


Such a gorgeous project, Dale! Looking forward to seeing you at Paper Cowgirl! ~ Angela


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