Saturday, July 04, 2009


What a beautiful morning here in Texas! As I enjoy the quiet (well, Mojo is cracking open sunflower seeds) I pause to consider the blessing of being a citizen of the United States. Our country is flawed, I know, but still it is a beautiful, diverse and gloriously free place. I am grateful to call America my home sweet home. Tonight as I watch fireworks with family and friends I will thank my lucky stars that I was born in the USA.


Ms. Cheryl said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!!!
Sing it Sister, ms.cheryl

Angela Harris said...

Hi Dale! It's so good that you are having a good independence day so far. It's poring in Missouri. i feel bad for the people who have plans tonight. Just wanted to stop by and tell yo how gorgeous your shop is! I am always so tempted to by them all and just change them everyday! HA:) I'm sending everyone I know there to by them up because I can't stand them not being used!
Have a great a safe day!
~Angela Harris

vivian said...

I am in total agreement with you! I love america!
now, have a sweet sunday!


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