Saturday, June 20, 2009

big baby!

OMG! How did this happen? My baby is 13 today!!!!
How utterly astonishing!
Will is such a sweetheart. In this photo he is doing one of his favorite things, though he isn't usually this calm in the pool. He also loves art and is really talented in that area.
But 13! Oh, my! No more babies at my house... sigh...


Angela Harris said...

Oh my goodness. When I read the first line of this post I fast forwarded in my own life. My son is only 5 & I know it's going to fly by. Ha:)

Happy Birthday to him and congrats to you for having such a sweet boy.

The Pink Door said...

aww happy Birthday to your son...gosh I can't even imagine my little one being that age one day! ;)

Michelle said...

happy birthday! they grow so fast!

Judy said...

Happy birthday, our kids' milestones can be so emotional for us parents.


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