Thursday, December 06, 2007

a change of plans...

The 6:00 am phone call is rarely good. When Laurie called me this morning I knew it was not to chat. Turns out she need a ride to the ER. Oh, no biggie... just CHEST PAIN! Long (and I do mean long) story short, she's okay, but spending the night being watched, having some tests done and watching some pretty good free movies. I spent most of the day and all evening with her and let me tell you ... these guys were nowhere to be seen. Nope, only their dorkier, homelier colleagues were on call. Just my luck. And... if that wasn't bad enough, Laurie's room is 2 doors down from my old room, where I spent a week in hell last January. Creepy! I even recognized two nurses from my lovely visit.
Good news, though~ Laurie will most likely get to come home tomorrow and her heart seems to be okay. The chest pains are probably related to her recent bout with pneumonia.
And I have an excuse for not doing any laundry today.


Jeanne said...

Thank goodness your friend is alright. Thanks must have been quite a scare! I had to laugh at your comment about McDreamy & McSteamy being no where in sight. What a bummer!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Jeanne~ My friend is fine. Whew! This has been a rough year!
Thanks for stopping by!!!


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