Friday, August 11, 2006

font mania

Why, oh why am I addicted to fonts??? I am too ashamed to say how many I have... andI am constantly trolling for more. The right font for a project brings me JOY!!! That being said... Lettering Delights is an amazing source. There are almost 1000 fonts and they are CHEAP!!! Now, I need an intervention. Stop me before I buy more!


twitches said...

Oh I agree with you here - for me it comes from loving words so much. As a kid I was obsessed with calligraphy, and letter drawing. Later, when my dad got our first electric typewriter, I used to just type any old word onto over & over - I loved to look at the words on the page.

I'm off to look at new fonts now!

dick jones said...

My name is Dick & I am fontaholic. I share your obsession & having only fairly recently switched to Mac, I can start all over again! So thanks for the link. (My vast collection of font links is locked inside my defunct pc.)

Good hunting..!


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