Monday, July 03, 2006

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Evidence of Things Unseen byMarianne Wiggins. This book will join the ranks of my favorites. It has bioluminescence, starlight, X-rays and characters named Flash, Lightfoot and Opal. What gorgeous writing! Here's a snippet ...

Chapter One: Radiance
On the night that they found Lightfoot, the stars were falling down.
All along the pirate coast the lighthouse keepers cast their practiced eyes into the night, raking dark infinity with expectant scrutiny the way the lighthouse beams combed cones of light over the tillered sea.
Over the Outer Banks, from the eastern constellation Perseus, shooting stars like packet seeds spilled across the sky, tracing transits of escape above the fourteen lighthouses from Kitty Hawk and Bodie Light to Hatteras and Lookout.
It was the yearly August meteor shower and Fos had driven out from Tennessee across the Smokies to the brink of the Atlantic for the celestial show as he'd done each August for the last fifteen years ever since he'd shipped home from France in '19, once the War was over.

Give yourself a gift... read this book.

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