Friday, June 27, 2008

Sparklette Ella, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


journal , originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Well, let's see...first of all my son is home from Costa Rica!! Yea! He had a wonderful time in the rainforest and he brought me lovely, thoughtful gifts. I'll post photos soon. I am so happy to have him home, safe and sound! He leaves for NYC in a few weeks.
I actually made some art today! JOY! I also made a big mess, but it seems I can't do one without the other. My work table is covered in glitter, ribbons, paper snips and a million other delicious things. Sigh... if only I didn't need to sleep...

Oh, and if you wondered... the pic of Tim Holtz and I is from a workhop my pal Laurie and I took a year or so ago. I was just remembering how sweet, fun and inspiring he is! Love you, Tim! XXOO

Friday, June 20, 2008

Frida of the Sea

Here's a new collage that you can find in my shop.
I adore Frida Kahlo and I consider it a great honor to be recreated as a mermaid. I think a fin suits Frida quite nicely.

Still waiting to hear from my son in the rainforest. I am sure he's fine...

Beautiful day here. I love summer so much!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

So, Ian left yesterday afternoon for San Jose and beyond. He has not called home yet and I am getting anxious to hear from him. I was not suprised that he didn't call last night as their flight was arriving at 9 pm. They had to clear customs, get to their hotel and have orientation... but tonight I really hope he calls. I am missing him and just need to hear his voice.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

shop talk

shop talk, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

So, Ian is off to Costa Rica! I am exhausted... and I've added these collages to my shop.
Off to dreamland...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


pink wish, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Ian leaves for Costa Rica tomorrow. His clothes and stuff are in heaps on his floor, but I am trying to convince him that this is not actually the same thing as being packed. It's not that he hasn't traveled - he has. Or been out of the country- he has. Or traveled without his family - he has... but, this is all of those put together! It is the thought of him in a foreign country without family that gives me pause. I have confidence in the teacher and the organization that he is traveling with, but I just wish they had a mommy-cam so I could watch their activities. Also, cell phones do not work there... well, their cell phones work, but there is not really any way to bring a US phone there and use it. They use an entirely different system. The tour leader assures me that she will be sure all the students call home daily. Sigh... I'll be okay. Having 4 kids does teach one to handle the problem of worry. I really strive to do all I can and then let things go and be dealt with by the universe. That's how it goes anyway. Why fight it?
Okay, I am about to go wake up my son and MAKE him pack. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

back in my studio at last!

Tonight I grabbed a minute to start this piece It is a collage on vintage tin. It really felt great to be creating after too long a hiatus. My studio time was cut short by four 11 to 12 year old boys begging me to take them to Blockbuster. It appears we are having an impromptu sleepover at our house tonight.
Tomorrow I am taking Ian shopping for some items he needs for Costa Rica. He is getting pretty excited (as excited an almost 16 yr. old very cool guy can get) about his trip. I, on the other hand, am dreaming of all the mishaps that could occur. Sigh... I feel pretty good about this trip, but it is a looooong way from home and he is still my baby! It will be a long week.
Well, I am off to bed with the silly hope that these 4 boys in my gameroom will watch their nice PG-13 movie and drift off to sleep. Yeah, I know, I'm a dreamer!

mermaid kit

I've added a fabulous new mermaid art kit to my shop. It was so fun to gather these sea-inpired elements! Find it here...

Yet another slowish day. Can't seem to shake this tiredness and headache, despite it being a most beautiful day here in north Texas.
I think I need some vitaminD. Perhaps a little time poolside is the RX for me...

be happy

be happy, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Oh, thank heavens I am feeling better. What fierce little bug I've had. Still have some lingering yuckiness, but am definately on the mend.
I am going to have to get serious about getting Ian ready for Costa Rica!! He leaves next Wednesday!! EEK!
I intend to get my hands in some glitter and glue today! I think that will heal me!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a return to the living...

Bolin Farm, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Finally I am feeling a bit more like a human being. This is a persistant bug though and I am still not 100%. At least I accomplished a few things today including taking some photos of the farm nearby when I took Willl to his friend's house. It is so beautiful and today the sky was picture-perfect. I'm sure I looked like a nut crouched down practically on the ground so I could get the sky in my shots. I took these pics with my little Olympus FE-300 and I think they came out pretty nice. I may go back with my Canon Rebel in the next day or so.
I am off to have a bubble bath, read a bit and head to dreamland.

Monday, June 09, 2008


sea dream header, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

I've had a most lousy weekend. We attended one graduation party and then I got a hideous headache promptly joined by an unhappy stomach. I totally missed Sunday. Slept most of the day. I am slowly feeling better. I need a energy injection. I have to get busy getting Ian ready for Costa Rica. Mostly I just want to sleep...

Saturday, June 07, 2008


june, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

I adore June! Summer is just beginning and possibilities bloom like wildflowers.
This weekend we are attending several graduation parties. The weather is gorgeous, so it should be fun to celebrate with these seniors who we have known since that were little tots. Luckily only that have grown older, not me!!
My son, Ian, leaves for Costa Rica (a science trip to study in the MonteVerde rainforest) on the 18th and I haven't even looked at his packing list. Smart, huh?
My oldest son, Jake, just got a great new job so we went out to celebrate that good new last night. The husband's knee is getting better and he is only using one crutch now. The downside is that soon we will no longer be able to call him horrendous names and generally torment him over his crippled state. It is fun now as he cannot catch up with us, especially when we put his crutch just out of reach!!

So far June is parties, good news, hanging out by the pool and glorious sunny days! Who wouldn't love that?

Friday, June 06, 2008

studio peek

studio peek, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Ah, at last I have found a minute to play in my studio! These are little packs of elements for making collages, altered art, etc. I am slowly adding them to my shop. Actually I was moving at a nice pace when Internet Explorer decided to take a nap. sigh... I'll add the rest tomorrow. You can find them here...

Lovely day here, but super windy. I love June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My 2 youngest kids are out of school at last, so it is officially summer! Hooray!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Rumi, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Wise words from Rumi...
I always like to toss in a little wisdom with my housework and such. Tomorrow I MUST make something even it is a mess!

Seriously, I have got to get my hands on some paper and glitter!
For real...

I mean it.


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